How to manage General Settings

You can customize General Settings as you like. Go to Settings > General Settings.

Site Title: Write Your Site Title Here.

Site Motto: Write Your Site Motto Here.

Dark Logo (Mobile): Dark Version of the main logo on mobile.

Dark Logo: Dark Version of the main logo.

Logo: Main Website Logo.

Logo (Mobile): Main logo mobile version.

Sticky Logo (Mobile): Sticky logo on mobile.

Sticky Logo: Sticky Logo.

Dark Sticky Logo (Mobile): Dark Version of the sticky logo on mobile.

Dark Sticky Logo: Dark Version of the sticky logo.

Admin Logo: Admin Panel Logo.

Admin Logo (Mobile): Admin Panel Logo on mobile.

Admin Dark Logo: Admin Panel Dark Logo.

Admin Dark Logo (Mobile): Admin Panel Dark Logo on mobile.

Default language: Select Default Language for this system. To add more languages, you can create them from Settings > Languages.

Select Default Timezone: Select Default timezone.

Copyright Text: Set website copyright Text from here.

Now Click Submit to save these settings.