How to Create New Blog

Here is a List Below of How to Create a New Blog Easily.

1. From the sidebar click Add New Blog. A new blog page will appear.

2. First you will get the AI Assistant field. Here you can select Language for your content, what and how your blog should be, and which field and length of content it should generate. It will automatically be placed in the input fields.

3. You can add a blog name, a permalink, a short description, and blog content.

4. You set SEO information here.

5. Here you can add a Blog image and featured status.

6. Here you select a category or create a new category.


7. Here you select a tag or create a new tag.


8. Here you can select the format for your blog. If you select Gallery a gallery image field will appear in the end.

9. Here you select the status for your blog. Make it draft or pending or publish. You can also see the preview and schedule your blog. And also set visibility like public, password, and private. if you select public you can also choose if this blog will always show in the font of the blog list. If you select the password you can add a password and then in the frontend, the user must type the password to read the blog content. if you select private then users can only see this blog if the link is provided to them.

Here is a summary of all sections.